Greater Michigan Spine & Neurological Institute

Michigan neurosurgeon Dr. Timothy Spencer. offers the most advanced back and spinal care in Greater Michigan.

If you suffer from new or chronic spine problems, neurologic or orthopedic complaints whether from an accident, disease, spinal deformity or just from a lifetime of wear and tear, Dr. Spencer can help. He always explores nonoperative solutions first, with surgery as the last resort.

Should you ultimately require surgery, Dr. Spencer offers advanced expertise in a wide range of treatment options that combine an evidenced-based approach with the most advanced techniques in spinal care. These include minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS), disc replacement surgery and procedures designed to better preserve your motion.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to explore the rest of the site then call Dr. Spencer at for an initial consultation.

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The mere thought of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS ) may evoke images of the latest sci-fi thriller. Perhaps a space-age healer with abilities to fix defects with new replacement parts or perhaps even without touch to heal with rays of light.

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Once again, I have been blessed to work with some absolutely incredible scientists and physicians in order that we may practically apply these technologies safely to the public. The limitations of this science is set by our imaginations.